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Indonesian Tuna Dominates Saudi Market Indonesia, January 2, 13

Indonesia’s canned tuna products have dominated the Saudi Arabian market and are expected to be exported to other countries in the Middle East soon, according to a senior official.
“Shrimps and canned tuna from Indonesia dominate the Saudi market. About 50 percent of the canned tuna market in Saudi Arabia has been captured by Indonesian products,” said Saut Hutagalung, the Ministry of Maritime and Fisheries Affairs Director General for Processing and Marketing of Fishery Products, in a written statement here on Wednesday.
He said Indonesian canned tuna products came mostly from the province of East Java.
“Indonesian products have also penetrated one of the United Arab Emirates’ major hypermarkets, which have more than 60 outlets within the country and 120 outlets in other Middle Eastern countries,” Saut noted.
The director general said the Ministry of Maritime and Fisheries Affairs would also focus on expanding fishery product exports, such as sardine, canned mackerel, salted fish, lobster, shrimp, milk fish and tuna, to African and Middle Eastern countries next year.
“In 2013, the ministry will develop and implement 160 Indonesia National Standards (SNI) as well. Therefore, there will be 483 fishery products sporting SNI labels next year,” Saut added.