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Garavilla Guarantees 100% Jobs Security To Cuca Workers Spain, January 11, 13

Spanish canner Conservas Garavilla, owner of the popular Isabel brand, guarantees 100% job security when it moves the production of its Cuca factory to its existing plant in O Grove, Pontevedra, says a company source.
“100% of the employment is guaranteed and unions are just fooling and misinforming the workers, so they can get some media exposure,” says the source.
The unions and workers have been stationed outside the Cuca cannery, located in Villagarcia, to protest the relocation which they fear will cut jobs.
In a press release issued today, Garavilla says the transfer is “exclusively a relocation of production” that is “absolutely necessary” for industrial reasons.
“It is easy to understand that two plants producing tuna 30 km away from each other are not really operative,” says the company source. “The huge price increase on tuna obliges us to look for further production efficiencies by merging the two plants.”
All the jobs will be maintained, with “the same conditions and warranties they currently enjoy,” says the company in its statement. It adds Cuca product quality will be ensured with the transfer of all the staff and equipment, and by using the same raw material suppliers.
Garavilla’s turnover in Galicia has doubled in the last five years, reaching EUR 200 million at the end of 2012.