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Future Purpose Of Alfageme Tuna Canneries Unknown Spain, January 9, 13

The CIG workers’ union wants the Galician government to clarify its intentions after it acquired the Alfageme tuna canneries in a court auction last month.
Xosé Fernández Piñeiro, head of CIG, recently sent a letter to the regional Minister of Economy and Industry, Francisco Conde, requesting an urgent meeting.
The Alfageme factories, located in Ribadumia and Vilaxoán, along with the brand Miau, were bought for 70% of its value on Dec. 20.
In the letter, Piñeiro wrote that the government attended the auction while “ignoring the law that governs the heritage of the Galician communities.” The union says the canneries were purchased in a way that does “not guarantee business continuity,” and that buying a property without knowing its future purpose may be cause for criminal prosecution.
Piñeiro says the acquisition could result in the loss of EUR 30 million and this sum would come from taxes.
The union had previously requested that the jobs be maintained with the sale of the Alfageme plants.