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Frozen Indian Yellowfin Detained In UK On Histamine European Union, January 7, 13

UK border authorities detained a consignment of frozen yellowfin tuna from India last month, after the fish was found to have elevated levels of histamine. This was the only imported tuna product that was rejected by the European Union in December, according to the public European system for food alerts.
The European Commission’s Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed (RASFF) shows that the yellowfin tuna had histamine levels of 304 mg/kg, which could cause food poisoning if consumed.
Frozen raw yellowfin tuna products from India have been a problem in the past, particularly in the US, where an enormous outbreak of salmonella led to more than 400 reported cases of illness last summer. The recalled “Nakaochi scrape” was served in sushi and initially produced by a processor in Cochin, India.