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American Samoan Shipyard To Handle Their Largest Seiner Ever American Samoa, January 4, 13

The Shipyard Services Authority in American Samoa has pulled up on the slipway today the largest vessel they’ve ever serviced since becoming a government authority.

It’s the Cape Breton owned by Tri Marine International. The purse seiner is 270 feet long and weighs 2,200 tons.

Shipyard employees had to make certain arrangements such as re-strengthening the slipway platforms to accommodate Cape Breton’s arrival.
Both the Shipyard Services Board Chairman Carlos Sanchez and Vice Chair David Robinson lauded the Cape Breton project as evidence of the quality work performed by the local dedicated workforce at the shipyard.
Mr. Sanchez says this is a monumental step in the company being recognized as a major shipyard in the western Pacific.
“Because this is the biggest boat the tri-mariner has, this is the heaviest boat the tri mariner has, so this will open up the opportunity for us to serve other boats in the industry.”