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All Tuna Seiners In Eastern Pacific Active Again Pacific Ocean, January 23, 13

Forty-six tuna purse seiners are fishing again in the Eastern Pacific Ocean, after a two-month fishing ban ended on Jan. 18.
The Inter-American Tropical Tuna Commission (IATTC) started enforcing two closure periods four years ago as tuna conservation and management measures. The first ban was in force from July 29 to Sept. 28, 2012 and affected 53 vessels.
According to IAATC data, a total of 525,068 tons of tuna was caught in the Eastern Pacific last year (up until Dec. 2, 2012). Ecuador had the most catches, accounting for 41%, followed by Mexico with about 24%.
Skipjack catches remained relatively stable from the previous year at 254,842 tons, while yellowfin tuna catches declined by about 5,000 tons in 2012 to hit 200,367 tons. Bigeye tuna catches climbed by more than 7,000 tons in the same period to reach 50,191 tons.