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Vietnam Starts Protecting Fishermen And Regulating Its Resources Vietnam, December 11, 12

The Vietnamese government will establish a Fisheries Management Department to patrol the seas, protect fishermen, and generally enforce the law, reports Thanh Nien News.

The unit will start operating as of next month, January 25th, under the Directorate of Fisheries.

The head of the directorate’s Inspection and Legislation Department, Luu Van Huy, said the new department would be a “civilian” force whose job would include protecting marine resources.

Assisted by soldiers, it will make sure that certain fishing areas are used for the right purposes, in the right seasons, and by licensed fishermen.

Its inspectors will check if the fishing nets follow requirements related to knot size, and combat the use of electricity, poison, and explosives for fishing. They can impose cash penalties on violators and even suspend fishing.

Furthermore, the unit will represent the Vietnamese government to inspect foreign boats in Vietnamese waters and impose penalties if required, and protect Vietnamese fishermen in foreign waters.

The unit would also assist the Coast Guard and Navy in protecting the country’s sovereignty. Chinese aggression in Vietnam’s eastern waters has been on the rise recently. Many of their boats have attacked Vietnamese fishermen, even using weapons, and held Vietnamese fishermen and their boats for ransom.