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US Gov’t Drops Claim To Sanford Earnings United States, August 6, 12

The American government has withdrawn a claim that Sanford forfeits USD 24 million in earnings if it’s found guilty of illegally discharging polluted bilge water in American Samoa, by one of its purse seiners.

The US Department of Justice alleges one of Sanford’s tuna fishing boats, the San Nikon, failed to maintain an accurate oil record book, which led to illegal pollution discharges, as well as obstructing the investigation.

The case is currently underway in the District Court in Washington DC.

Despite dropping the claims to earnings, Sanford still faces charges that could lead it to lose its boat and total fines of up to USD 3.5 million.

Sanford had no further comment to make, but had previously said it will vigorously defend the charges in the District Court in Washington DC.