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Tuvalu Seeks Partners To Start Micro Tuna Plant Tuvalu, July 27, 12

One of the smallest nations in the world, Tuvalu, wants to build -together with a foreign investor- a micro tuna processing plant on one of its islands. The Pacific Island nation Tuvalu is one of the 8 PNA countries, which together account for more than 50% of the global tuna catch in their waters.
So although the country has only a land surface of 26 square kilometers, it is located close to the world’s richest tuna fishing grounds. The Pacific island nation has an International airport with excellent connections to Fiji. At the island Nukufetau, in Tuvalu, there is a deep water port.
The government’s intention is to start a tuna processing plant based on longline tuna catches. Here below the full text of the invitation of the country’s administration to investors to express their interest in the project:


The Government of Tuvalu is calling for Expressions of Interest (EoI) from qualified development partners for the re-activation of a tuna long line shore base and processing facility in Funafuti, Tuvalu, known as NAFICOT & other fisheries-related opportunities. The facility would process and ship long line caught tuna harvested in the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) of Tuvalu, and in the waters of adjacent countries.
It is estimated that the Tuvalu EEZ is able to sustain an annual long line catch availability of 1,000 mt of tuna each year, predominantly Yellowfin and Bigeye. A portion of this catch would be allocated to the project by Tuvalu sufficient to ensure an appropriate level of long term raw material security for the plant.
It is intended that the development partner re-establishes the tuna shore base and processing facility and operates its functions on a fully commercial basis and shall enter into a strategic development partnership with the Government. The development partner will be required to demonstrate its ability to resource the necessary managerial and technical expertise, marketing arrangements, and investment funding to enable the project to proceed on a commercially viable and sustainable basis.
Expressions of interest are to include the following information as a minimum:
• Project Consortium, including Company Profile(s)
• Relevant Previous and Current Activities
• Outline of the Development Partnership Envisaged
The closing date for receiving the Expression of Interest is 1200hrs, Friday, August 3, 2012.
Expressions of Interest may be delivered by courier to the office of Erasito Consultants Limited, 18 Desvouex Road, Suva, Fiji. Alternatively, e-mailed EoIs will be accepted at
Specific project parameters will be issued to selected respondents for the purposes of developing a full commercial offer.

For further information contact the Project Coordinator or the FFA Tuvalu Project Consultant:

Fisheries Development Division Tuvalu FFA Consultant