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Tuna Worth USD 324,000 Is Landed From Shore United States, August 20, 12

Team Right Hook, fishing out of Wachapreague, won first place in the tuna category in the 39th annual White Marlin Open, held in Ocean City, Md. The winning fish netted them USD 324,000.
David Nova and his fishing friends have had luck out of Wachapreague — last year they won a Maryland Saltwater Sportfishing Association tournament offshore fishing from there.
Nova and his fishing buddies enjoy the town, the Island House restaurant and the Wachapreague Inn, where they stay.
“They’ve treated us good there” the Whitestone resident said of the seaside village.
But no prize equals what Nova and others earned last weekend in the 39th annual Ocean City, Md., White Marlin Open, fishing with almost 240 boats.
Again fishing from Wachapreague, they earned first place in the tuna division with a 238-pound catch that earned the six-person fishing team USD 324,516.
The drove the catch to the Ocean City docks for weighing and then navigated back to Wachapreague after dark.
Then, Nova said, they had to wait out the last two days of the tournament to see if anyone topped the fish.
A building contractor from Whitestone, he even went to work on Friday — “I was nervous and I didn’t want to sit around doing nothing,” he said. “We had to sit and wait for two days for everyone else to fish.”
They finished just two pounds ahead of the second-place entry — that two pounds was worth more than USD 250,000 in prize money.
He was part of the Right Hook Fishing Team, aboard the Right Hook out of Heathsville. The team included Nova, Sammy Fisher, Norman Pulliam, Shannon Vanderburg, Jerry Harris and Doug Gray.
The tournament allows fishing for three out of the five days, and the day before the catch, team Right Hook fought a big tuna for more than three hours before the fish pulled the hook at the boat.
The next day, Nova said, “We knew where we were going and what we wanted to do.”
One the night of the win, they celebrated at the Island House. Nova said they’d be back to town for more fishing.
“We just like coming to Wachapreague,” he said.