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Tuna TV Commercial Gets You Grooving Costa Rica, December 19, 12

The latest addition to Atuna’s extensive tuna commercial collection will get you grooving to a tune other than the ever popular holiday music. The ad, by Costa Rican company, Pacífico Azul, transports viewers to an underwater salsa club and promotes their new “salsa de tomate” (tomato sauce) canned tuna product.
The commercial features an animated tuna fish character, who dances to the Latin rhythm with salsa shakers. He asks in rapid Spanish, “Who doesn’t like the flavor of good tomato sauce?”
Pacífico Azul is offering canned tuna with added ingredients such as tomato sauce, “tipo ceviche” (diced tomato, onion and lemon), and “con chile jalapeño” (spicy chili). These products are being marketed as ingredients for rice and pasta dishes – their website shows photos of possible tuna meals and suggests how the tuna can be enjoyed other than as a snack.
Last year, the company said it was working to boost the low tuna consumption in El Salvador (less than a can a year per capita) by educating the public about how to prepare typical family meals with the canned fish. The brand’s slogan is – translated from Spanish – “the perfect recipe.”
With the exception of consumers in Ecuador and Costa Rica, who eat more than 12 cans of tuna annually, Latin American consumers are used to eating large quantities of red meat. The average canned tuna consumption per capita for the region’s major countries (Ecuador, Argentina, Costa Rica, Brazil, Panama, Colombia and Chile) is less than 500 grams, which is about three or four cans each year.
Latin American consumers typically eat tuna during Easter, spring and summer, but with companies such as Pacífico Azul working to promote it as an ingredient for hot dishes, the switch to fish and tuna from red meat is growing.
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