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Tuna Licenses For 21 Purse Seiners In Madagascar EEZ Spain, December 3, 12

Spain will hold 38 licenses for its fleet in the new fisheries agreement signed between the European Union and Madagascar, which will take effect in 2013, according to the Communitarian Council of Ministers of Agriculture and Fishery.
The Council approved the distribution per country of the new agreement’s fishing permits, totaling 96 permits for the EU fleet that travels to the Indian Ocean, according to the text ratified by the Twenty-seven at the meeting which concluded last week in Brussels.
Spain will have 17 licenses for surface longliners over a hundred tons of gross tonnage (GT) and 21 licenses for tuna seiners. Comparing this distribution to that of the current agreement, the Spanish fleet should have sufficient licenses.
Within the present fisheries protocol between the EU and Madagascar, which expires at the end of this year, Spain has retained 48 permits, but in practice has been using only half.
According to the decision adopted by the Council, France will hold 49 fishing licenses, Portugal 5, United Kingdom 3 and Italy 1.
The new agreement will be effective in 2013, although it still needs the approval of Parliament to complete the EU’s ratification.