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Tuna Farming Turning Port Lincoln Into An “Industry Waste Dump” Australia, December 14, 12

Concern has been raised over tuna ring maintenance and environmental damage at Port Lincoln’s Murray Point.

At a recent Parks and Reserves Port Lincoln meeting members discussed occurring damage to sea grasses, samphires, surrounding vegetation and breeding zones for many commercial and recreational fish species.

The group discussed aquaculture exclusion zones and leasing arrangements in the zone, but it said no entity appeared to take any responsibility.

This has been a frustrating and on-going issue and Chairman Merrick Savage said the area looked a lot different 15 years ago.

Mr. Savage said an area could be sacrificed for the tuna industry to continue doing do its maintenance, but the area needed to be better managed to minimize the effect on the environment.

“It looks more like an industry waste dump than a part of the Port Lincoln foreshore,” Mr. Savage said.

Australian Southern Bluefin Tuna Industry Association research manager David Ellis said the industry was working with Primary Industries and Regions SA, and would be willing to talk to concerned members of the public.

“The maintenance area in Proper Bay is really important for the building and maintenance of tuna rings and we are currently in discussions with PIRSA regarding zoning arrangements,” Mr. Ellis said.

“If any members of the public are concerned about where the rings are moored I’m happy to hear from them, discuss their concerns and look at how problems can be fixed.”