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Soltuna Wants To Regain Lost Tuna Market Share Solomon Islands, September 5, 12

Soltuna Ltd. is now working towards regaining the 100 percent market share it once held with increased production volume.

Speaking at the launch of the company’s new corporate name last week, Soltuna marketing manager Harry Kenwood said since 2010 the company had shown dramatic increase in production with increased domestic and export canned products.

He said in 2010 the company produced only 221,151 cartons of canned tuna products.

However, he said last year production volume nearly doubled that of 2010 to 438,248 cartons.

The marketing manager said by July this year the production volume has reached 302,858 cartons.

The company projected that by the end of this year, total volume should reach around 562,778 cartons.

“Soltuna wants to regain the 100 per. market share it once held before,” Mr. Kenwood said.

“Soltuna is making good progress thus far in regaining its domestic market share, increase its exports and maintain its brand names.”

He said to date Soltuna had regained 38 percent of its lost 48 percent market share over the past two years due to rundown of Soltai over the years.

He said this resulted in the invasion of imported tuna products into the country’s domestic market.

Despite this, he said Soltuna has managed to regain 90 percent of its domestic market share.

“This is something we are proud of and want to do to ensure our locally produced products are always available on the shelves in quantity for consumers. This is their product and Solomon Islanders must be proud of their tuna,” Mr. Kenwood said.

Solomon Islands is one of the leading countries in the tuna industry that produces some of the best tuna products that well-known internationally.

One of the company’s renowned brands is the ‘Solomon Blue’.

Mr. Kenwood said despite changes in the company’s management structure Solomon Blue will remain the iconic brand of the company.

“It is through this uniqueness that Soltuna Ltd will continue to bank its strength on maintaining the original taste of its products and increase its production to meet customer demand,” the Soltuna marketing manager said.