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PNA “Sick” Of Foreign Nations Wanting Exemptions Pacific Islands Nations, December 3, 12

The Parties to the Nauru Agreement are calling on foreign fishing nations to stop overfishing bigeye tuna and to take tuna conservation measures seriously, as delegates from 25 countries attend the annual Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission meeting this week in Manila, Philippines, which started yesterday.
“Foreign fishing nations need to cut back fishing, limit FADS, respect the closure of high seas and protect whale sharks. The PNA is sick of foreign fishing nations continually arguing for special exemptions from the rules and for ways they can continue overfishing bigeye tuna, use FADS, access the high seas and generally continue with business as usual,” says Nanette Malsol, chairwoman for the group of eight Pacific island countries known as the Parties to the Nauru Agreement (PNA).
The WCPFC meeting brings together the Pacific island nations, Asian countries, US, EU and other foreign fishers to decide rules for fishing of tuna throughout the Western and Central Pacific Ocean, which is the world’s largest tuna fishery as it supplies 50% of the global tuna supply.
“Even though we are small island developing countries, it is the PNA that puts the most time, money and effort into conservation and management of tuna in the Western and Central Pacific Ocean. The situation is simply unfair and has to stop,” says Malsol.