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Plastic The Future Alternative To Metal Tuna Cans? Germany, September 4, 12

Tuna has been sold in metal cans for more than a century, and one German company says it is offering a more attractive and convenient make-over for the household staple.

Weidenhammer Plastic Packaging has developed a new type of plastic packaging, called PermaSafe, which it describes as the “reinvention of the tin can.”

Already, one manufacturer is selling its tuna salad products in the plastic containers and Weidenhammer is “working on another project in the fish industry,” says Johannes Dürr, media representative for the company.

In Spain the Isabel brand is selling its salad range in plastic cup cans. Also other Spanish canners have been starting to use plastic containers for sterilized products.

The microwaveable packaging is fitted with a peel-off sealing foil and a re-sealable lid, making it easier for consumers to open. It’s practically impermeable to oxygen and moisture and thus ensures maximum hygiene for even highly sensitive products such as fish, says the company. The maximum shelf life for products is two years.

PermaSafe also offers more opportunities for product marketing. The packaging can be customized by shape and design – ranging from round and oval to angular – and the plastic is available in transparent or colored versions with a glossy or matte finish. Elements such as logos can also be embossed to further grab attention at the point of sale.

In terms of production costs, Dürr says there is not a big price difference to conventional metal cans.

The company says its packaging is more cost effective in logistics because the packaging is lighter and requires up to 80% less storage space than cans.

Weidenhammer Plastic Packaging is the plastics division of the Weidenhammer Packaging Group, a leading supplier of composite cans, composite drums and rigid plastic containers. The Group has 12 international production sites and about 1050 employees.