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Last Working Day For Cuca Cannery Staff Spain, December 14, 12

Today could be the last day that staff work in the Conservas Cuca tuna cannery, a plant in Villagarcia that has been operating for almost eighty years. The factory hasn’t closed yet, but the workers begin their Christmas break next week and owner Conservas Garavilla wants them to start work in its facilities in O Grove, Pontevedra on Jan. 7.
Garavilla, owner of the popular Isabel brand, wants to increase its output, but says higher production is not possible in the Cuca plant. According to the company, it promises to keep all jobs in O Grove.
Meanwhile, the workers’ union leader, Francisco Vilar, said the transfer could leave about 400 people – both in Villagarcia and O Grove – unemployed. The union also said it will be impossible to maintain quality standards in O Grove, as the factory will be expected to produce Isabel’s flagship products as well as the Cuca and Masso brand lines.
While the 110 Cuca workers endure a vacation full of uncertainty, Garavilla will be engrossed in consultations so it can make a final decision.
Vilar said the closing of the plant will only intensify protests and the case could go to court, on the grounds that there is “no valid reason” for the closure.
Garavilla has been backed by MCH Private Equity since 2010 and in June 2011, the company acquired Conservas Cuca, a premium canner of fish and seafood products.