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Lack Of Fishing Rights Makes Fishermen’s Association Go Bankrupt Spain, August 14, 12

Following the difficult economic situation faced by the fishermen’s association from Barbate (Cádiz), workers have not received their wages for five months.
To express their displeasure over this situation, the employees of the auction went on strike on Sunday, which was also joined by vessels that did not go to sea.
The association decided to grant the concession of this facility and of the ice factory to the Public Port Agency in Andalusia, given the impossibility of maintaining its management, the newspaper El País reported.
“Rather than a difficult period, it is a bankrupt status that is being faced,” admitted the main head of the association, Ambrosio Ruiz.
While the protest was scheduled to continue on Monday, the workers were paid Euro 1,000 and decided to delay another mobilization.
However, the industry warned that the labour and wage situation is far from solved.
“The solution would be for us to return to Morocco and more products enter here. Right now this is not profitable,” Ruiz explained.
“No activity, no income and no income means we can not afford to pay wages,” he added.
Once the Public Agency receives the facilities, it will decide whether to manage them on a public basis or to delivery them to another private entity.
The association’s accumulated debt amounts to Eur 50,000.
The industry expects that the European Union (EU) and Morocco reach an agreement to renew the bilateral fishing agreement.
Meanwhile, Juan Francisco Soler, representing the workers in Barbate, pointed out the association agreed to pay them little by little, starting next week.
The Public Ports Agency, meanwhile, reported that “the procedure set by law for the cancellation of that administrative referred concession due to its head’s resignation will start.”
“Once this process has finished, the Port Authority will begin the bidding process to select the entity to be granted a new administrative bond that has the purpose of operating the fish market service and the ice factory in the port of Barbate,” concluded the authority.