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John West Australia To Go 100% FAD Free Australia, December 4, 12

John West Australia has committed to source 100% of its tuna from FAD free fisheries by 2015, after weeks of fierce pressure from Greenpeace and 20,000 environmentally-conscious consumers.
Instead of buying tuna that are caught with fish-aggregating devices (FADs), the company is switching to more sustainable methods such as pole-and-line and unassociated purse seine, according to its website.
Back in October, Greenpeace began targeting the company for its use of FADs, which it says are destructive and “needlessly kill” hundreds of thousands of tons of juvenile tuna, sharks, rays and sea turtles each year. The activists attacked the tuna brand online by spoofing one of its commercials and by creating a violent video game that simulated the “John West experience,” in addition to campaigning and protesting on the streets, and even roofs, in Australia.

John West joins major Australian brands Greenseas, Safcol and Sirena in their commitment to adopt FAD free fishing methods.