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Italian Tuna Industry Reports Reversal Declining Trend Italy, September 10, 12

Contrary to an Atuna article published on Aug. 31, Italy’s domestic canned tuna production is showing signs of recovery, says Valerio Bordoni, director of the Italian Association of Fish Processors (ANCIT).
In reference to the article titled, “Decline of Italian Tuna Canning Industry Continues,” Bordoni wrote in a letter, “We believe that this article risks misleading ATUNA readers where it emphasizes that ‘decline…continues.’ This isn’t correct.”
In 2011, Italy’s imports of tuna loins increased by about 3% to 34,000 tons, when compared to 2010 volumes. This shows “a trend which has been substantiated even in the first part of 2012,” says Bordoni.
He also adds the imports of whole tuna, which account for 25% of Italian tuna imports for processing, grew by 10% compared to 2010. The country’s export of canned tuna products also increased to 15,000 tons last year – up about 9% compared to 2010.
“In comparison with previous years, these data highlight the recovery of our domestic production, which is benefiting from the positive trend of the Italian market, which offers unquestionable growth margins even for imports of canned tuna.”
In the Aug. 31 article, Atuna wrote, “the country’s imports of pre-cooked, frozen tuna loins have been declining – which suggests its domestic production is down.” Despite Italy’s 3% growth in tuna loin imports from 2010-2011, its imports in this category have declined by 20% since 2006, according to Globefish data for the five year period (2006-2011).