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Italian Health Authorities Report Problems With Spanish Tuna Products European Union, August 31, 12

The European Commission’s Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed (RASFF), a communication network put in place to protect the health of European Union (EU) citizens, has been reporting on several incidents with tuna.

Italian authorities made three notifications this month when they received two tuna products that contained histamine and one that had traces of mercury. Histamine was detected in fresh tuna fillets imported from Spain, with levels ranging from 303 to 386 mg/kg. In this case, physical or chemical treatment was the course of action.

Italy also found histamine in chilled tuna loins from Spain, with levels ranging from 372.6 to 2628.5 mg/kg. These products were withdrawn from the market.

Italy also discovered 1.48 mg/kg of mercury in chilled, vacuum-packed yellowfin tuna from Spain. No action was taken in this case.

In late August, Spain also sent chilled and vacuum-packed tuna loins that contained 995 mg/kg of histamine to France. No action was taken.

All four notifications were strictly “information for attention.” These are issued when a risk has been identified about a product placed on the market, but rapid action is not necessary. This is because the product has not reached their market or is no longer present on their market or because the nature of the risk does not require rapid action.