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Health Squad In India Sizes Spoiled Tuna India, August 24, 12

Stale fish, including tuna, weighing nearly 170 kg that was kept for sale in a city market was destroyed by the special squads of the Kochi Corporation on Thursday.

On the first day of its Onam special health drive, the squad carried out inspection at Champakkara market, one of the busy fish markets in the city.
Recently fresh raw tuna from the Kochi region shipped to the USA could a wide spread salmonella outbreak.
Preservatives used

The officials seized the fish that was kept out in open boxes.
The fish was found to be stale and unfit for consumption. It was also found that chemical preservatives were used.
Some of the much sought after fish varieties including Tuna Seer fish, and Tilapia, were seized by the squad, which consisted of officials of the Kochi Corporation and food safety officials.
The two veterinary surgeons of the civic body too joined the inspection, said a civic official.
A large number of hotels in the city purchase fish from the market.
Fish from Orissa and other States reach the market regularly.
As the fishes were not sold through the licensed shops, legal action including the cancellation of licence was not possible in this case.
The only option that was available before the officials was to destroy the fish that was seized during the raid, said T.K. Ashraf, chairman of the Health Standing Committee of the corporation.