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Hagoromo Canned Tuna Sales Drop 15pct Japan, August 22, 12

Japanese company Hagoromo Foods saw the sales of its main product, canned tuna, drop by 15% in the first quarter of the fiscal term ending March 13.
The loss contributed to the canner’s disappointing performance for that period and resulted in an operating deficit. Total sales declined by 6.4% and operating costs reached USD 5.31 million, compared to a USD 7.5 million gain last year.
Headquartered in Shizuoka, Japan, the company attempted to push albacore tuna products when yellowfin and bonita tuna failed to sell, but the tactic did little to improve its profits.
Hagoromo was founded in 1931 and with branch offices located both nationally and overseas, the company offers a range of food products, including canned goods, pouches, pasta, rice, pet food and fish extracts.
Its line of tuna, called “Sea Chicken,” consists of more than 20 varieties and differs by type of fish, style (chunk or flake) and size. The canned tuna products can be bought pre-boiled, additive-free, and mayonnaise-blended, for example, and they are sold to convenience store chains and also restaurants. According to the company, its Sea Chicken tuna is “an indispensable product in the Japanese kitchen.”