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Greenpeace Sets Up Tour To Pressure Clover Leaf Tuna Canada, August 13, 12


Alex Speers-Roesch of Greenpeace suited up in a shark costume Friday afternoon to raise awareness about unsustainable tuna fishing trades. The tour began July 24 and will make stops until Aug 14 all over the Maritime.
Most people might be afraid of sharks, however, outside of Wal-Mart on Friday afternoon there was one that was quite friendly.
Alex Speers-Roesch of Greenpeace donned a shark costume to raise awareness about unsustainable tuna fishing. The activist dressed up as a giant shark to bring awareness to the fact that the tuna fishery does not kill just tuna but other sea animals and birds as well with destructive fishing practices.
Two main issues with the tuna trade: “They source tuna from unhealthy tuna stocks,” said Sara King, of Greenpeace, “also, they source from destructive fisheries that are killing more species than just tuna.”
The fight against the tuna trade began a little over a year ago when Greenpeace put out a ranking of the sustainable tuna brands. “They refused to answer our survey,” said King about major tuna producer Clover Leaf.
As a result of the company not responding to the survey or improving their sustainability policies Greenpeace released a second tuna brand ranking and decided that it was time to reach out to the public.
“The tour is just part of our overall pubic awareness-raising activity,” said King. The tour has been going well so far with good response from the people who have been passing them. “They’re really keen to know,” said King, “a lot of them buy Clover Leaf.”
As part of their outreach the pair of activists are asking consumers, especially regular buyers of Clover Leaf to contact the company and encourage them to make the switch.
Green Peace is asking for Clover Leaf to begin more sustainable tuna fishing practices in hopes that smaller companies would follow. The organization is also suggesting that for the time being consumers should check their sustainable tuna ranking which can be found at and choose more sustainable brands.