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Greenpeace Goes Gangnam Style Indian Ocean, December 20, 12

Tuna activists are taking a page from pop culture in their newest approach to reach a mass audience. Published online yesterday, a team of twenty cooks, deck-hands, engineers and volunteers aboard Greenpeace’s “Rainbow Warrior” vessel are shown dancing bizarrely and practicing yoga to Korean rap music – they are of course, the latest group to parody the internet hit video, “Gangnam style,” which has almost one billion views on YouTube.
The Greenpeace video hasn’t been seen that many times – as of Thursday it had about 15,500 views – but it is just as entertaining. The crew aboard the ship, who are helping to monitor illegal tuna fishing in the Indian Ocean, used their spare time after dinner and on Sundays to practice the signature dance moves and to film the spoof.
The video is shot in multiple locations at sea including in the ship’s cabin, on the deck, in a helicopter and even underwater. Throughout the parody, the group placed neon yellow signs with key facts or motivating phrases to educate viewers about problems facing the world’s oceans. One sign asks, “Where have all the tuna gone?” and another reads, “Indian Ocean fishing: 18% illegal.”
Click here to see the video.