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Germany Blocks Tuna Import On Corrosion Problems Europe, December 12, 12

Norwegian border authorities continued to reject canned tuna shipments from Thailand last month, just as Italian officials continued to report problems with Spanish tuna products, according to the public European system for food alerts.
In total, nine notifications concerning imported tuna products were sent to the European Commission’s Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed (RASFF) in November.
Norway detained consignments of canned tuna in brine from Thailand on two separate occasions, first on Nov. 13 and then on Nov. 23, citing “inadequate thermal processing.”

Ireland authorities, meanwhile, sent an “information for attention” notification about skipjack tuna from Thailand that contained histamine (366; 315; 210; 179 mg/kg – ppm).

Also in November, Italy withdrew Spanish tuna fillets – that had been distributed to Italy and also Bosnia - from its market because they had carbon monoxide treatment (0.570 ppm). The southern European country also raised the flag regarding mercury (1.54 ppm) in vacuum packed chilled yellowfin tuna slices from Spain. These notifications were sent as “information for attention,” which means a risk has been identified about a product placed on the market, but rapid action is not necessary.

Spanish officials rejected frozen tuna from Indonesia twice in November – first skipjack tuna on Nov. 16 and then yellowfin tuna on Nov. 19 – due to “poor temperature control” and the “rupture of the cold chain” in both cases.
Northern European countries also encountered problems with their tuna imports last month. Germany, for instance, did not allow tuna in oil from Papua New Guinea to enter its borders because of defective packaging (corrosion), and a Belgian consumer complaint led to an alert about tuna spread from Belgium. The tuna spread also had defective packaging, as well as the “possibility of secondary microbiological spoilage,” and it had been distributed not only domestically, but to the U.K. and the Netherlands as well.