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Garavilla Clashes With Unions Over Tuna Plant Closure Spain, December 21, 12

A three-hour meeting yesterday between management and the workers’ union did little to improve the future for Cuca tuna factory workers, who are fighting the closure of their plant. Owner Conservas Garavilla wants to move the workers to its existing factory in O Grove to increase production.
Garavilla now has 15 days to notify each employee about their job situation and most likely, the shutting of the Cuca factory in Villagarcia will leave about 70 people unemployed for a maximum period of six months, effective Jan. 7, 2013. The remaining 30 workers are expected to be transferred to the O Grove facility, which produces tuna for the Isabel and Masso brands.
The case could go to court, on the grounds that there is no valid reason for the factory closure. The union is confident that the Cuca cannery is profitable because it uses a “traditional” process, unlike Isabel’s industrial production.
The union plans to meet with Villagarcia’s mayor and other officials “because Garavilla has received millions of grants and administration will have to get wet to defend the local economy.”