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Ecuador’s Exports Hit USD 2.5 Billion Mark Ecuador, December 20, 12

The turnover of Ecuador’s exports in the fishery sector will reach USD 2.5 billion this year.
This represents an increase of more than USD 300 million and up to 14% more than the results obtained in 2011. The turnover last year finalized at USD 2,200 million, according to a report by the Deputy Minister of Fisheries and Aquaculture.
These figures correspond to all levels within the fishing sector and is directly related to the growing foreign demand, especially from Asian countries, but also to the efficient fishing practices, reports Hoy.
Most of the product was exported to the United States and Europe, however, the demand from Latin America also increased. Venezuela has become the largest importer of Ecuador, with a 20% purchase share, and between the main supplying companies are Seafman, Nirsa, Salica, Galapesca and Conservas Isabel.

Fishermen such as Bruno Leone consider it a need to strengthen traditional niches, but at the same time conquer new markets and diversify production. Especially given the interest for Ecuadorian product.

“Even though the sea has not been very generous to the industry, there is still marketing of the fisheries resources,” according to Leone. Among others, he refers to this year’s high sea temperatures that has caused a reduction of 28% in tuna catches.
Other tuna stakeholders such as Juan Carlos Correia, of the Association of Shrimp Fishing Vessel Owners, believes that the industry could be affected. Especially since shrimp trawling was officially banned as of December 15th. According to Correa, this could generate losses and create unemployment. The contingency plans should be socialized, since, of the 112 fishing boats only 84% have actually complied with them. “We have been operating since 1954 and have generated at least $ 40 million a year,” said Correia.