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East Flores Tuna Industry Moving Into Global Terrain Indonesia, August 24, 12

Two Indonesian companies operating out of East Flores district have managed to sell tuna fish to overseas markets after making major investments to get the industry off the ground.
East Flores district head Yoseph Lagadoni Herin said Primo Indo and Okishin Flores had put billions of rupiah into developing their business.

“Our fish industry has not well developed, so there is a chance to grow,” Yoseph said in Larantuka, the East Flores capital.

The waters of East Flores are full of fish. The area is also known for whale hunting.

Yoseph said the companies had struck deals with buyers in Japan and the United States. He did not disclose the value or volume of the exports.

Primo Indo sold its tuna to the United States while Okishin Flores dealt with the Japanese.

Data from the local Maritime Affairs Office and from the Fisheries Ministry showed that tuna production in the district reached 1,425 tons last year.

Fish production from East Flores and other parts in the archipelago is expected to increase in the coming years. Sulawesi and Maluku are home to the country’s major fisheries.
The Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Ministry said it set its target for the contribution of the fishery sector to the country’s gross domestic product at Rp 65.84 trillion ($7 billion) for 2014.
That was up from a contribution of Rp 50.7 trillion in 2010, Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Minister Sharif Cicip Sutardjo said last month, without giving figures for 2011 or 2012.

Fish production is expected increase through further modernization and industrialization of the sector, Sharif said, both of which are expected to increase productivity.