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Cod Beats Tuna As Most Imported UK Seafood United Kingdom, December 20, 12

Tuna is the second most imported seafood in the UK, after cod, according to the latest report from the country’s Marine Management Organization, a cross-government agency that emphasizes sustainable development in the world’s oceans.
Last year, the UK imported 98,000 tons of tuna and a fifth of this volume came from Thailand, the country’s third largest seafood supplier. In 2011, tuna accounted for nearly 40% of Thailand’s seafood exports to the UK. The powerhouse nation is home to Thai Union, owner of MW Brands which is responsible for leading UK brand John West. Thailand shipped 19,600 tons of tuna to the UK in 2011.
Mauritius is also a big tuna contributor to the UK, accounting for 19% (18,620 tons) of its imports last year. Ghana (12%), Seychelles (11%), the Philippines (10%) and Ecuador (9%) were less significant players, but not as minor as the EU member states, which together only shipped 10% of the UK’s total tuna imports.
Of the 98,000 tons of tuna that was imported, 95,000 tons went to domestic use in the UK, which is a 9% increase from 2010. The remaining 3,000 tons were re-exported.