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Clover Leaf Again Under Fire Of Greenpeace Canada, December 7, 12

A day after John West Australia committed to source its tuna from FAD-free fisheries, Greenpeace has its eye on another major brand – this time in a colder climate. The environment group is targeting Clover Leaf Seafood, Canada’s biggest canned tuna brand, and publically demanding that the company switch to sustainable fishing methods.
Yesterday morning, Greenpeace activists placed billboards near the tuna company’s headquarters that read: “Clover Leaf, let’s talk about the destruction behind your tuna.”

The group says Clover Leaf uses “indiscriminate methods” that “catch and kill far more than just tuna.” It believes the use of fish-aggregating devices (FADs) is unsustainable because the method yields a high rate of by-catch species, including baby tuna, sharks, rays and sea turtles.
Greenpeace also launched a national ad campaign today and plans to continue placing ads in newspapers, on billboards and online throughout the month. This is not the first time the activists have targeted Clover Leaf – last year they created a parody website and distributed fake tuna cans with the label “Just Tuna?”
According to the group’s 2012 sustainability ranking of Canadian canned tuna brands, Clover Leaf is near the bottom – 9th out of 14 companies.