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China To Grow Its Pelagic Fisheries China, September 10, 12

Research and Markets has announced the addition of the “Market Research and Investment Prospect of China’s Pelagic Fishing Vessel Market, 2010 to 2015” report to their offering.
According to the statistics of the China Ocean Fisheries Association, to 2011, the number of China’s pelagic fishing enterprises reached 116, pelagic fishing vessels 1,628, the total output and total output value of pelagic fishing reached 1.15 million tons and CNY 12.6 billion respectively, the operating waters covers the exclusive economic zones of 37 countries and the high seas of Pacific, Atlantic, Indian Ocean and the Antarctic waters.
According to the Fisheries Development Plan which was released by the Ministry of Agriculture, by the final period of Twelfth Five-Year, the total output of pelagic fishing industry will achieve 1.7 million tons, the output value of CNY 18 billion, the total number of vessels reaches 2300, and to achieve fundamental changes of product structure and growth of output.
The proportion of oceanic fisheries in the entire pelagic fishing rose from 10% to over 50%. Of which, tuna production vessels has reached more than 350, especially the ultra-low temperature tuna fishing vessels has developed to 153 from 41 in 2001, and the tuna seine fishing vessels has developed to 20 from blank; the number of squid fishing vessels is nearly 400, of which the large and medium-sized professional squid fishing vessels are more than 150, the fleet size and production are at the forefront of the world.
China’s fishing vessel construction enterprises are mainly distributed in the coastal areas and inland river regions. Currently, China has formed three major shipbuilding bases namely, Bohai Bay, the Yangtze estuary and the Pearl River estuary.
As for the shipbuilding technology, China has not yet mastered the core technology of pelagic fishing vessels, the product structure is single. Among the pelagic fishing vessels, only cryogenic tuna longline vessel and large-scale pelagic squid fishing vessel are designed and constructed by China; the under construction vessels have only large pelagic tuna seiners and large pelagic trawl processing vessels. Compares with the world’s marine fisheries powerful countries, China’s advanced large-scale pelagic fishing equipments were developed late, and the related core technology is still in its infancy period, the self-constructed pelagic fishing vessels are in a backward state in the aspects of ship type design, degree of automation and equipment localization rate; the high-end accessory equipments remain largely dependent on import.
At present, the utilization of global living marine resources is less than 2%, the development potential is huge. There is a large population and relatively less land in China, as a developing country with a heavy resource bearing, China must accelerate to develop the aquaculture industry as well as stably develop the pelagic fishing industry. The further development of pelagic fishing will be the development trend of the future China’s fisheries.