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Chicken Of The Sea Brand In Future Women’s Fashion? United States, December 13, 12

Major U.S. tuna processor, Chicken of the Sea, is hoping to expand its brand into new food and non-food products, such as fashion. The company recently hired Perpetual Licensing, a New York and Los Angeles-based brand licensing agency, to maximize its name and appeal in the market.
“Food-related brand licensing has become more prevalent as consumers seek brands they know and trust in the grocery aisle,” said Todd Lustgarten, a partner at Perpetual Licensing. “In addition to food products, we also believe there is opportunity for non-food “badge” products that feature the iconic Chicken of the Sea Mermaid.”

In recent years, food brands have been making their way into everyday wear such as t-shirts and sweatshirts. Well-known logos for beer companies such as Heineken and Bintang are now considered fashionable, so why not the recognizable Chicken of the Sea mermaid?
Chicken of the Sea will also be looking to license its brand to other food products including seafood soups, seafood stocks, meal starter kits, sandwich spreads, and condiments.