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Calvo Looking To Expand In China Spain, September 11, 12

Grupo Calvo intends to increase its sales in the coming years by focusing on China and countries of South America as part of its future growth strategy.
This was announced by the company’s CEO for Europe, Enrique Orge, who said that for years Calvo has been present in the American continent, particularly in Brazil, under the brand, ‘Gomes da Costa’.
“This also helps the North African market to recover after the riots of last year,” Orge said.
Grupo Calvo obtains 77% of its revenues from sales outside Spain and these operations contribute to maintaining employment at its two factories located in Galicia (Carballo and Esteiro).
Currently, the Spanish canning company sells its products in 70 countries and plans to focus on increasing sales. It has no plans to open more factories outside Spain. However, according to Orge, there could be an increase of jobs. Calvo hired an additional 150 employees this past year.
Calvo’s tuna sales market share in Spain is 14%, while Gomes de Costa (Brazil) reached a market share of 50%. In Argentina, the group “continues to grow”, according to Orge, while the company already has a “modest structure” in the United States aimed at reaching the East Coast consumers with the tuna brand ‘Nostromo’.
In the short term, the cannery seeks to maintain its “firm plans” in countries of Central Europe and to strengthen its sales in China, where it has already started exporting its products.
Moreover, Orge said that in the past year the North African market -where political turmoil caused sales to be suspended in 2011, had recovered. He mentioned the case of Libya, where in 2012 “a positive dynamic had commences, creating more orders”.
Tuna consumption in Spain has dropped by 2% in the last year.