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Atuna Video Pick: Tuna Popping Out Of The Water Like Popcorn Global, December 6, 12

Starting today, Atuna is delighted to share exciting tuna videos that we know you will find just as fascinating.

To kick-off this new collection, the inaugural clip shows how three fishermen catch their albacore tuna using the traditional, pole-and-line technique – which is widely regarded as the most sustainable fishing method. Standing on the edge of their boat, while a crew member throws bait fish into the water from above, it doesn’t take long for the team to nab their targets. They yank and haul one fish at a time from the ocean and quickly release their catch on deck, where the tuna visibly flop around like agitated popcorn before succumbing to their death.

Our passion for the tuna industry means we are always on the lookout for interesting tuna videos and we take pride in selecting only the best. If you have an engaging video to contribute, please send it to

We also welcome additions to our extensive library of tuna commercials.