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Atlantic Albacore Catch 1000 MT Since June Spain, August 13, 12

The Spanish fishing fleet of Guipuzcoa caught 1,000 tons of Atlantic albacore tuna since the beginning of the campaign last June, according to the secretary of the Gipuzkoa Association, Leandro Azkue.
The fleet of Bizkaia believes to have also landed a high tonnage though the global figures are not available yet.
Approximately more than 100 vessels are fishing in Basque waters; in Bizkaia, a total of 50 trolling vessels and 6 bait boats, while another 12 trolling vessels and 40 bait boats are fishing in Gipuzko.
The fishing fleet using the art of trolling, both that of Bizkaia as of Gipuzkoa, started operating end of May.
The catches by the Gipuzkoa fleet during the month of July were similar to last year’s, Azkue explained, who said that “this month of August will be key factor to see the results of how the coastal fishing campaign goes."
As far as prices are concerned, both the Bizkaian and Gipuzkoan auctions, the Atlantic albacore reaches an approximate value of 3.80 euros. “The campaign is going fairly well for the troll fleet,” said Zabaleta to which he added that “the campaign for bait fishing is rather poor due to low catches.”