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ANFACO Concerned Over Philippines Getting Free Access for Tuna Spain, September 12, 12

The Spanish tuna canning industry is calling for a “level playing field” so it can compete with foreign countries and their imported products. They want all products sold in Europe to meet the same requirements.
The Fourth World Conference of Canned Seafood concluded on Tuesday and the European Union’s (EU) trade negotiations were central to discussions. The two-day event, held in Vigo, Spain, was attended by EU government officials, in addition to representatives from international seafood companies.
According to a press release from the event’s organizers, the Spanish National Association of Manufacturers of Canned Fish and Seafood (ANFACO-Cecopesca), it is essential to maintain the current tuna tariff system for access to the EU market and robust rules of origin.
ANFACO believes it is unfair that some countries are exempt from paying import tariffs, while others, including local EU producers, are forced to meet certain higher standards. The current EPA agreement between the EU and Papua New Guinea allows the tuna products from that country to enter the EU market duty-free, with liberal rules of origins.
ANFACO also expressed concern over the EU negotiations with Vietnam – currently in discussion – and the Philippines, which will be integrated into the “GSP+” incentive scheme in 2014. The GSP+ system would give tuna suppliers in the Philippines free access to the European market.