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Albacora: IO Tuna Fleet Is Disadvantaged Spain, December 4, 12

Albacora’s tuna fleet in the Indian Ocean is disadvantaged because of the region’s piracy problems and the “unfair” competition from Asian fleets, says Moisés Pérez, the Spanish company’s assembly manager.
Albacora, for instance, is inflicted with costs of private security and higher fuel bills in the Indian Ocean because piracy is still a major problem, says Pérez. The company pays about EUR 600,000 per year for security. He adds its fleet “cannot sit still” and must constantly be on the move to prevent pirate attacks.
In addition to avoiding hostile take-overs, the company has to compete with Asian fleets. Pérez says the crews employed on Asian vessels are contracted under two-year agreements that “border on slavery in its purest essence,” whereas Albacora’s fleet complies with both European and Spanish standards for social, health and labour aspects. Responsible catches should be rewarded, but they’re not as all tuna is sold for the same market price, he says.
Despite the Indian Ocean’s added danger and expense, Pérez says the fishing grounds are essential for the tuna industry.