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16,000 Kilos Of Irish Albacore Seized In Spain Spain, August 28, 12

The Basque Government has seized almost 16 M/T of Bonito del Norte (Atlantic Albacore) from Ireland that was being transported by two trucks lacking the legal documentation required for the sale of the product in Spain.

According to a statement from the Basque Department of Environment, Agriculture and Fisheries, the 16 tons of albacore tuna “had none of the necessary sales, traceability or other documentation currently required by law.”
The operation took place during the early hours of Monday August 20th by the Fish Inspection authority of the Basque Government in collaboration with the Ertzaintza. Two trucks with a total of 15,824 kilos of Albacore tuna, which are presumed to be coming from Ireland “according to all indications”, were retrieved. However, there was no invoice, sales receipt nor name of the vessel or vessels on which the tuna came from.
Deputy Minister of Fisheries and Food Industry of the Basque Government, Jon Azkue, stressed the obligation to perform these inspections so that the Basque fishermen are not affected by “unfair competition.” “In the absence of documentation and information about the origin of the fish, thus violating the law, we cannot do anything else but withdraw the product from the market,” said Azkue.
In any case, according to the deputy, “These actions are part of a policy to defend the rules that must prevail in all fisheries which, besides protecting the arrantzales fishermen, also defends citizens and consumers by guaranteeing the right to know exactly what product they are buying and where is it coming from. The Deputy Minister said that the authorities will continue monitor the fish entering the region.