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US Brand Innovates By Lowering Tuna Can Size United States, March 9, 12

Crown Prince Seafood announced two packing upgrades for its wild-caught Yellowfin, Albacore, and Tongol tunas, which belong to the Crown Prince Natural product line. All are wild-caught, packed in Thailand and rated by the Blue Ocean Institute as Light Green sustainable seafood choices.

BPA Free Canned Tuna

Firstly, tunas previously packed in 6 oz. cans will now be sold in 5 oz. cans in order to provide BPA-free packaging.

“Our goal has been to source BPA-free packaging for all our products for our consumers. This is more challenging than people might think” said Andréa Linton, Manager, Natural Products Division.

Crown Prince’s packers can only offer BPA-free packaging with an easy open lid in the 5 oz. size can. “"We felt that this adjustment was well worth the trade down in size,” Linton added, “so we made the switch.”

12 Cans Per Case

Secondly, the number of cans per case of Crown Prince Natural tuna will decrease from 24 to 12, due to both retail and consumer requests. Retailers prefer a 12-can case that is display-ready, meaning the top of the case is cut off and the case becomes a retail display tray.

“Retail and consumer requests for the case change revolve primarily around cost,” said Linton. “Many customers purchase our tuna by the case for their home pantries, and the 12-can case is not only more convenient space-wise, but is less cost-prohibitive as a bulk purchase.”
Products Impacted:
•    Yellowfin Tuna in Extra Virgin Olive Oil (5 oz.)
•    Yellowfin Tuna in Water (was already 5 oz.)
•    Chunk Light Tongol Tuna (5 oz.)
•    Chunk Light Tongol Tuna - No Salt Added (5 oz.)
•    Solid White Albacore Tuna (5 oz., 12 oz.)
•    Solid White Albacore Tuna - No Salt Added (5 oz., 12 oz.)