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StarKist Samoa Worried About Albacore Moving To Competition American Samoa, March 8, 12

The General Manager of StarKist Samoa is calling on leaders of American Samoa to consider the tuna industry as a priority platform in the upcoming elections.
Brett Butler says he would like local leaders and politicians do more to assist in improving the tuna fishing industry.
Mr. Butler says Fiji has become a preferred port of call for a lot of the albacore tuna longliners and that is reducing supply of white tuna taking business away from American to StarKist Samoa.
Bumble Bee Seafoods in the major US buyer of the albacore tuna landed in Fiji, where it has a close cooperation with the local joining plant. Bumble Bee is also the leading brand in the US canned white tuna market segment.
StarKist says the cannery and the government should find ways to bring that business back because it not only helps StarKist but the territory’s economy.
Also Tri-Marine is developing processing facility which will depend on supply by longliners.
Local candidate leaders say there’s no question the tuna industry is a vital part of the economy and have assured Mr. Butler it will be a priority of their administration if elected into office.