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New Bluefin Tuna Specimens At Spanish Oceanographic Center Spain, March 13, 12

The Spanish Institute of Oceanography (IEO), at its Oceanographic Center located in Murcia, has 55 new bluefin tuna specimens in its breeding stock, which will increase the production of viable eggs, as well as the genetic diversity of the stock.
This project is to validate and improve the positive results already obtained till date, mainly during the last season in which the results reached from the egg-laying was over 3,000 juvenile tuna specimens. Many of these juvenile specimens are alive today and have already exceeded two kilograms in weight.
The 55 bluefin tuna come from a surplus production from Caladeros del Mediterraneo, a company which forms part of the group Ricardo Fuentes.  The stock has been performing mass laying of fertile eggs since June 2009.