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Mexico Needs To Import Tuna To Meet Growing Local Demand Mexico, March 6, 12

While Mexico is fighting a legal battle in international courts against the United States on the dolphin safe trade ban, the growth of the country’s domestic canned tuna consumption has firmly continued at a national level. Mexico must now import about 15,000 tons of canned tuna so that it can reach its total consumption level of 180,000 tons per year.
“With preferential duty tariffs and quotas, rather than cash, the US could someday pay Mexico the damages caused by the tuna embargo”, said the National Fisheries Commissioner, Ramon Corral Avila, in Mexico at a press conference with local media after stating that the case remains in the hands of the World Trade Organization (WTO). Just a few weeks ago the US appealed the decision which favored Mexico.

At this new phase, radical US conservation groups have been putting pressure on supermarket and distribution chains that are trying to sell Mexican tuna, even though the product is free from the embargo. This makes it difficult to enter the US market.
But, so far, the evidence that has been submitted to the experts who reviewed the case within the WTO have concluded that Mexico's efforts to protect dolphins are real, and hence the unfairness of the trade embargo.
Mexican ports such as Mazatlan, Manzanillo and Chiapas have been strengthened by the Ensenada tuna fleet, which migrated to these cities as they are closer to the national markets and further away from the border area.
After two decades of litigation, in which Mexico won the tuna embargo years ago, the unresolved issue remains that of the dolphin safe labeling promoted by the environmental group Earth Island Institute (sponsor of the tuna embargo) against the Dolphin-Safe label approved by the Agreement on the International Dolphin Conservation Program (AIDCP).