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Fishermen Catch 335 Kg Tuna With 6 Meter Boat New Zealand, March 6, 12

A titanic bluefin tuna caught in the Far North may have netted two fishermen a new world record.

The two men were fishing out of a six-meter aluminum boat near Houhora, off Northland’s east coast, when they landed the massive blue fin tuna.

When hoisted up on the scales, the fish weighed in at 335 kilograms, triple the weight of All Black Sonny Bill Williams.

And now the men are waiting to hear if their monster catch has set a new world record, based on the particular tackle used to catch it.

One of the fishermen, Nathan Adams, has been big-game fishing most of his life. “It was pretty cool because when I first started fishing my dream was to catch a blue fin tuna exactly like that.”

Adams is hoping to do more than add a photo of the fish to his collection - it is currently with a reknowned taxidermist who is taking a mold.

He hopes his wife will let him mount a cast of the fish in his living room.

“Lisa’s not too keen on that because she reckons it’s like mounting a sofa on the wall of the lounge,” Adams said. “But I’ve got nowhere to put it till our clubrooms are built.”

Adams said landing the tuna was touch and go as his line was on the point of breaking. Once they got it to the boat, they towed it back to shore and shipped it off to the chiller.