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US Big Three Pull The Plug On “Wonderfish” Campaign

After only one year since its launch, the USD 20 million Tuna the Wonderfish marketing campaign is over as far as 2012 is concerned.
The US big three canned tuna brand owners: Bumble Bee, StarKist and Chicken of the Sea had joined forces in January last year to launch a USD 60 million marketing campaign that was to last three years. However, due to a spike in the cost of raw materials and other expenses by the major tuna processors, they have opted to do away with the most expensive portion of the campaign, the national TV advertising, and take a different approach for 2012. 
Initially, the campaign focused on the health benefits as well as the ease and convenience of eating canned tuna and using it in recipes.

In 2012, StarKist, Chicken of the Sea and Bumble Bee will spend USD 1.5 million instead of the USD 20 million spent last year on the Tuna the Wonderfish campaign. The next phase of the campaign — expected to start by May — will include public relations efforts to publications read by obstetricians/gynecologists, cardiologists and general practitioners, along with consumer media focused on health issues.

The goal of the campaign was to create consumer pull for the product, therefore sales are not so dependent on retail price promotions.

Though the US big three have pulled the plug on Tuna the Wonderfish campaign in 2012, the website will remain active and there is the possibility that the campaign might pick up in 2013.