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IUU Vessel In Tanzanian Court Case On Verge Of Sinking

The High Court will on Thursday pronounce judgment in the high profile case in which five foreigners have been on trial for fishing illegally within the country’s Exclusive Economic Zone waters.
One of the accused Hsu Chin Tai, is a captain of the fishing Trawler MV Tawariq, which was towed to the coast of Tanzania after being impounded in the EEZ. Others are Zhao Hanquing and Hsu Sheng Pao who were the ship’s agents and engineers Cai Dong Li and Chen Rui Hai.
Apart from fishing illegally, the captain was also charged with polluting environment through dumping fish remains and ship’s fuel in the Tanzanian waters. They were arrested on March 8, 2009 by a joint naval patrol comprised of Tanzania, Kenya, Mozambique and South Africa with more than 196 tons of fish.
After being impounded for almost three years at Kigamboni area, MV Tawariq is currently in deplorable condition and on the verge of capsizing.
According to experts, if the vessel is not rescued by the government, it would sink, but this is denied by the Marine Police. The defense lawyers in the case have warned that incase the ship sinks it would affect the case.