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Spanish Boatowners: Camera Monitoring Has Been Failing

Spanish boatowners in Galicia have rejected the proposal by the European Commissioner for Fisheries, Maria Damanaki, to fight fish discards by installing video cameras onboard the vessels or by having onboard observers.
The EC proposal was introduced on Monday during Damanaki’s visit to the Fisheries Control Agency, in Vigo, Spain.
According to the fishing sector, this is just “patchwork”. "These are measures that increase operating costs, which is something that is unaffordable at present, both for the companies as well as for the Administration, should it take care of the installation costs”, said a spokesperson for the Galician fleet.
Representatives of the Spanish fishing sector pointed out that “such experiences on vessels from other EU countries, such as United Kingdom and Denmark, with cameras onboard and the commitment to reduce or eliminate discards in exchange for more fishing quotas are failing”.

According to the fleet representatives, “the solution to eliminate discards will necessarily involve a change in the current system of Total Allowable Catches (TACs) and quotas, which requires vessels to release their caught fish for which there is no fee and therefore, can’t be taken to land.”