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Southern Bluefin Schools Moving East – Rough Season

Tuna fishers are continuing to have a rough season due to bad weather conditions.
At the end of January, the industry said a number of fishing days had been cut from the season and the weather had reduced the amount of time southern bluefin tuna were on the surface of the water.
Australian Southern Bluefin Tuna Industry Association chief executive officer Brian Jeffriess said the weather continued to be bad.
“Aside from stopping fishing on most days, it also seems to be pushing the tuna to leave the Great Australian Bight much earlier than normal,” he said.
“An example of this is that in the few days we have been able to fish, the catching has been very good.  However, the tuna are much further east than ever before in early February.”
Mr. Jeffriess said as the tuna were moving further east, they were moving into an area that was not covered by the aerial survey conducted by the CSIRO.
“This will make it very difficult to compare the 2012 CSIRO survey with past years,” he said.