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Seychelles-EU Committee Focuses On Improving Fisheries Management

The joint Seychelles-European Union (EU) Fisheries Partnership committee meeting being held in Victoria is focusing on improving the management of artisanal and industrial fisheries, fisheries infrastructure and specialized training for personnel of the Seychelles Fishing Authority (SFA).
The yearly meeting is to discuss the work program of the SFA from the financial contributions under the partnership protocol, which for 2012 is Euro 2,220,000.
The Seychelles delegation is led by Philippe Michaud, the current SFA chairperson, while the EU delegation is headed by Constantin Alexandrou of the EU’s directorate of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries.
The first priority -- improving the management of artisanal and industrial fisheries -- includes fisheries surveillance and development of an aquaculture master plan.
It also involves observer program on fisheries vessels and support to other related fisheries and maritime organizations.
The committee is also discussing fisheries infrastructure development for the artisanal and industrial sectors. It includes the construction of a new quay at the Ile du Port to further ease the activities of the industrial tuna fishing.
This also involves support to the local private sector in fisheries development, equipment for coastal fisheries, infrastructure for the artisanal fishery, processing plants to produce value-added fish products and other support facilities.
Another priority under discussion is specialized training for SFA personnel and support to other related institutions, such as the Fisheries Inspection Unit of the Seychelles Bureau of Standards, the Maritime Training Center, the Faculty of Environmental Science at the University of Seychelles and other local partners