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“Sea Monster” … In Can Of Princes Tuna

No-one likes to be judged while they eat, but imagine these two beady eyes staring back at you.

Mother Natalie Clarke had just served herself a tin of Princes tuna with a jacket potato, when she spotted this detached head peeking out of the fish dish.
Natalie, from Tyler Hill near Canterbury, had already taken a few bites of the tuna, served with jacket potato, when she noticed something distinctly odd about her dinner.
Something extra? This head was found in the can of Princes tuna by Natalie Clarke.

Natalie, 29, who is a teacher currently on maternity leave, said: ‘As I opened the can, I was looking at it and thinking to myself, "how funny, those bits of pepper look like eyes".

‘Then I realized they were eyes. I poked it about with my fork then left it on the kitchen side for my partner to examine. I didn’t finish my lunch and went hungry instead. We think it might be a prawn or shrimp of some kind, but we are not really sure.

Tin monster: The head was lurking inside a can of tuna chunks.

‘I have complained and I sent them their little beast back.’

As Natalie is a new mother and breast-feeding, she already has to be cautious about which sea-foods she eats, but this was certainly something that she did not expect on the menu.

She said: I’m not concerned as I didn’t eat any of the creature, as far as I’m aware, but it is really important I know what I am eating as I’m breastfeeding.

‘I probably won’t buy any tuna for a while - and I’m not sure my friends who have seen the picture will either.’

Natalie - married to husband Will - believes the animal is a shrimp or prawn but has so far been unable to identify it.